Glass & Celluloid is a small, full-service video shop based in Baltimore. Whether you're looking to our team to develop your message & concept, design custom motion graphics, or provide a simple shoot + edit, we offer all pre through post-production services in house. In addition to video, we offer still photography, interactive, and design.


With backgrounds in visual arts, filmmaking and advertising, we founded our partnership in 2013 on a common passion for visual storytelling. We believe video is the single most engaging medium brands and organizations can use to connect with their target audience - and it's never been more affordable or accessible than right now. Unconvinced? Take a look at some compelling statistics. To stay competitive, companies need to make video an integral part of both their internal and external marketing strategies. We want to use our passion and expertise to help brands use "the greatest instrument of popular suggestion that has ever been devised" to their advantage.


We value integrity and adaptability above all else, both in our craft and in our approach to business. This means we understand both form AND function and believe "creativity can solve almost any problem." It means we've developed our process to be organic and scalable in order to tell stories more authentically and more affordably. It means we care about our clients and work hard to build lasting collaborative partnerships we can evolve over time.

Our mission is to create strategic, affecting, high-end video content for your brand that works to connect your message to your audience, on your budget




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